Assignment 5: How a Camera Works and Determine Your Dominant Eye


The cameras we use for Advanced Photography are different than the ones for beginning. To start with, these cameras have a PENTAPRISM or PENTAMIRROR that serves as a viewfinder. Instead of using a screen, we get to see what the lens sees. That is because of the makeup of a digital camera.

Light comes in (1) the lens and bounces off (2) the mirror. From there, the light travels through the (5 & 6) focusing screen and bounces inside the (7) pentaprism. The light then exits through a (8) diopter and into the eye. When you press the shutter button, the mirror flips up and light from the lens can pass through a (3) curtain and hit the (4) image sensor.

All of this action happens within a fraction of a second.

Part 1

Take this image of a cutaway digital camera and open it in Photoshop/Pixlr. Using a yellow brush draw the path of light as it would come into the camera.

Part 2

The difference between the cameras in Beginning Photo and Advanced is the viewfinder. Instead of framing with the screen, we can frame with an actual scene. If it is sunny out we can still frame a picture. Looking through the viewfinder also creates more stability. You can hold the camera more securely.

As an interesting experiment, you are going to find out which one your eyes is dominant. For me, I am right-handed, but my left eye is dominant. That is a little unusual, but not impossible. Follow this link and complete the steps to determine your dominant eye.