Project 3: Bracketing Exposure

For this assignment, you are going to use exposure bracketing to make sure that you get a good exposure even if you don't have the ability to see the screen.

Exposure Bracketing

Typically, the term "bracketing" refers to changing exposure during multiple image captures. In other words, bracketing is gathering frames at various light steps. This can be done to choose the best exposure or later combine the photos for one image with more dynamic range. The end result of the latter creates work more attractive and true to human vision. (

 Exposure bracketing is deliberately taking an underexposed and an overexposed image fo the same scene changing one of the elements of the ISO triangle in the process. You can bracket with shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Usually, though, people bracket using shutter speed because it doesn't impact depth of field or image quality.


This is an image that I took exposed as the meter indicated. The images on the left and right were bracketed 1 stop. That means I have three images of the same scene with different shutter speeds.


Take a series of 5 images and bracket the exposure. Lay them out in a Photoshop document similar to the example above.