Project 5: Outdoor Portraits

We are going to do an outdoor portrait using a reflector. Our reflectors have a silver side and a white side. Use the white side because we do not want to blind our subjects. We are going to use Dean Collin's setup from the video above.

In this instance the reflector is acting like REFLECTOR MAIN. It's reflecting light, but acting like a MAIN light. Because the light is so far forward of the subject it wraps around her whole face. 

Here, the subject's face is too much in shadow, but the background is properly exposed. 

If you adjust the exposure (shutter speed) to get a proper exposure on the subject's face you will get an overexposed background. Look at her hair. It's totally blown out. 

That's why we use the reflector. It will allow us to have a nicely exposed background (see the vivid greens of the trees and sky) and properly exposed  subject.