Project 7: Interior Window Light

 Part 1: Video

Watch Dean Collins complete the photo shoot:

Part 2: Examine the Setup

This is the setup from the video. 

As you can see, Collins has a large diffusion panel just outside of the camera's frame of view. Behind the panel is a small strobe. We have replicated this setup in our classroom studio.

Part 3: Recommended Starting Settings

"M" Mode

Tv: 1/200

Av: f/5.6

ISO: 100

Pr: 1/4

If the scene is too dark make the Av number smaller (open up the aperture). If the scene is too light, make the Av number bigger (close down the aperture). 

Part 4: Turn-In

Turn in a contact sheet of all your shots from this studio session. Select the top three shots and turn those in separately.